Gaía Passarelli

Freelance writer.

São Paulo, Brasil

Gaía Passarelli

Freelance writer based in São Paulo, Brazil.


Casa do Mancha: resisting Vila Madalena’s decay

Vila Madalena started to change in the early 90s, when restaurants and stores entered the domain of family homes and left-wing botecos. I should know: I’m a local. Popularity is trashing the narrow streets, families are moving away, prices are way too high, Carnival season is the seventh circle of hell. Photos: Rafael Roncato /
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What NOT to eat in São Paulo

Tips from music reporter Gaía Passarelli, born and raised in São Paulo, on how to eat well without spending all your money in South America’s largest city. It’s easy to understand why people enjoy it so much: It’s cheap and big enough to share. But it’s also difficult to bite into, and to get one you have to wait in an enormous line at the popular Mercado da Cantareira, the central market that paulistanos call Mercadão.
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Remember MTV? I was one of their VJs, and this is what I learned

When I worked for MTV Brasil I wasn’t the target audience: I was a 30-something music critic. But in 2010 the network decided a new music show was needed. I got to audition, and someone thought I was good enough. I accepted the job because they were going to let me choose the videos, and as someone who grew up watching MTV, it was an offer too cool to pass up.
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5 things we can learn from David Bowie

Ask any music geek : David Bowie has been around since forever. He’s been in the music business since 1964 — in terms of pop culture, even 15 years is ancient time, let alone 40. This extraordinary creature has a thing or two to teach us about life, changing, choices, and everything in between. Did you know that Bowie always chooses to travel by land or sea and has been doing so since at least the ’60s?
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How to piss off a Brazilian

Never mind the nasty habit of throwing garbage out of car windows — Brazilians are tidy people, who sometimes shower twice a day. Everyone is expected to change clothes daily, wash hands when coming in from the streets, and brush teeth after every meal (have you noticed Brazilian teeth?). So if you’re staying at a Brazilian guesthouse or hostel, keep it clean, take out the trash, make your bed, use deodorant.
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Interview: Bootsy Collins

The legendary bassplayer talks James Brown, George Clinton and their secret 'mouth' code.
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A Visit To The John Peel Center And Peel Acres

Last October 25th was another John Peel Day, the eighth since John Peel’s passing. It was a cold autumn day and the old Corn Exchange building of Stowmarket, in Suffolk, dated from 1835, is having its steel archers painted red. A bunch of hard workers and music enthusiasts is restoring the building, preparing future John Peel Centre for Creative Arts.
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Gaía Passarelli

Published work at several outlets, inluding Folha de São Paulo, DJ Mag, Rolling Stone Brasil, MTV Brasil, HuffPost Brasil, Matador Network, Noize Magazine, Viagem & Turismo and several indie magazines and websites.

English writing/speaking with Level 3 CPE certificate;
Native Brazilian Portuguese writing/speaking;
Online/print writing experience since 1997;
3+ year TV network experience.



  • alternative and pop music
  • TV hosting
  • travel writing
  • interviewing
  • Brazilian Portuguese translati